Cosmetic Dentistry Staten Island, NY

Cosmetic dentistry allows you to advance your smile’s potential with enhancing procedures that give you an extra boost of confidence! At our office, we provide the potential to bring your smile to the next level. We offer multiple options that bring a beautiful, natural look to one of your most valuable features! If you’re in Staten Island, NY, and interested in improving your smile with one of our cosmetic procedures, give our office a call! Talk to us about your goals and interests, so we can make them a reality.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common form of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on removing discoloration, staining, and spots on your teeth. If you have stubborn stains that dull your smile, our teeth whitening option can safely and effectively improve your appearance! Our teeth whitening treatment provides results you can see immediately! While you can buy tools and items in stores to whiten your teeth, they do not reach the same quality results you get professionally in our office. If you would like same-day results that are ready to show off, call and schedule your appointment with us today!


Veneers are another treatment that helps you reach your smile goals! If your focus is on improving more than just the color of your teeth, veneers may be the option for you! Veneers help to improve the color, shape, length, and overall appearance of your teeth. Veneers are thin and durable shells that are permanently attached to the front of your teeth and conceal imperfections. If you have chips, gaps, stains, or crooked teeth, veneers can make your smile take on a whole new look! Best of all, you can enjoy a completely new smile in as little as two appointments!

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a tooth-colored material that is used to repair a tooth after a cavity has been cleansed. They are an excellent option for restoring the appearance of your smile and can even be used to replace older metal fillings. The composite is white and effectively blends into your tooth, and can conceal signs of past dental work.

All You Could Ask For Under One Roof

We work hard to deliver the results that our patients are asking for. If that means you need more than one type of treatment, we can set that up for you! Our office in Staten Island, NY, is prepared to handle requests regarding cosmetic dentistry, oral health care, straightening teeth, placing implants, and more! If you require any of these services to reach your smile goals, we can make it happen! We want your smile to be beautiful and healthy and we can achieve that with one or more procedures done in our own office! Our team is excited to work with you and build a plan that meets your expectations and delivers excellent results. Schedule an appointment, and make our office your destination for gaining a gorgeous smile that lasts a lifetime! 

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